Got files?

Got files?


If you have any sketches or images that you would like to attach, please do that here.  Images really do help give an idea of what you're wanting, so if you have any please attach them below.  If you don't have any images, then you're all done, and you can skip this step.

1) Attach any files you would like to send in the window below.
2) Fill in your name and email so I know which files belong to you.
3) Once it says, "The following files were successfully uploaded" inside the window, you're all done and can exit this page.

From here we will start working together on your design and we will work back and forth until you’re happy with the design. Most of the time I’ll have something for you within 24 hours or less, Monday - Friday.

Remember, be sure to look for an email from me. I will contact you personally before I start working on your design.