How much will my logo cost?
I will work back and forth with you upfront for free, and then once you decide on a final design, the total will be $169.

Are there any hidden fees or any other fees?
No, there are no hidden fees or any other fees of any kind. The total amount will be $169.

Is there a deposit required to start the project?
No, I will work with you upfront for free with no deposit required.

Why are you willing to work upfront for free? Don't people skip out on you sometimes?
Who doesn’t want to try something before they buy it? Maybe you like the designs you see on the site, but how do you know that you will love your design? I want to create the best experience for my clients, so I try to put myself in your shoes. Yes, it increases my risk (spending a lot of time upfront not knowing if you will even like the designs I send you), but I feel like it eliminates the barrier of entry and establishes trust.

Unfortunately, there are those that disappear and skip out for no apparent reason and all the time spent on their project is gone. But, I still feel like most people are sincere, and that overall, it provides a better experience for those seriously looking for a design.

What is the typical turnaround time for a design?
Usually 24 hours or less (excluding weekends) depending on current workload. How long the entire process takes mostly depends on you and how many revisions it takes to get you where you want to be with it.

How many revisions do I get?
I want you to absolutely love your new design, so I do not limit the number of revisions.

Do I get all the designs you create while working with me?
No…throughout the design process, I present various mockups that help guide us to the final design, but ultimately, you're only choosing one final design. If you’re looking for a design to brand your business or organization, then you’re most likely only going to want one design to represent your business anyway, not different variations of it. I do include the source files, though, so you’ll have the option to edit the design however you wish, whenever you choose.

Can you explain the entire process of how this works?
I like to keep things simple, so I have an easy 3-step process.

Step 1) Fill out the form with all the details of your project

Step 2) I’ll work on some designs based on your details so we have a common ground to start from. We’ll work back and forth until you’re happy with the design.

Step 3) Once you say it’s good to go, I’ll send you an invoice through paypal, or you can use one of my other accepted payment methods. After payment is received I will then send you all of your design files.

What payment methods do you accept?
Typically, I send an invoice through paypal at the end of the project, however, I also accept these other options for your convenience:
Accepted payments

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Actually, I have a Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee! Since you don’t pay anything until AFTER you’re happy with the design and it’s finalized, there’s no need for such a guarantee. You know you already love it before you pay anything. If at any point you’re just not feeling it, we can part as friends, and since no money has been exchanged, there is no need for a refund. The only risk is on me!

What will I receive when completed?
I send multiple file types including the source files. These include: jpg, png (with transparent background), pdf, psd, ai, and eps (vector). I also send the all-black and all-white versions of the logo

What do the different file types mean?
JPG – This is the standard (one of the most common) compressed image formats you see on websites.

 – Personally, I use this format for pretty much everything because it is the most versatile. This file has a transparent background, so it will take on the background of whatever you place it on (for example, a blue tshirt, blue website, red business card, etc). Unlike png files, jpg files are not able to have a transparent background, so even if the jpg file has “no background”, the background will be white when saved. This can cause issues if you ever want to use the design on anything other than something with a white background. Yes, you can set the background color to whatever you want for a jpg, but once saved, it’s locked with that color and won’t change.

– Most people never use this file, but some do. It is the standard pdf format used with adobe acrobat.

 – This is the photoshop source file. If you never want to make any changes to the image, then you will never need this file. However, if you ever want to make any changes to the design, you, me, or another designer will need this file to be able to edit the design. The standard jpg and png files are not source files, so they aren’t editable, you have to use the source file to make changes. You will have to have photoshop, or software that can open/edit psd files in order to use this file.

 – This is the adobe illustrator source file. Some designers use photoshop and some use adobe illustrator. Same thing as the psd file, just opens in adobe illustrator. You will have to have adobe illustrator, or software that can open/edit ai files in order to use this file.

 – This is the vector image. If you are wanting to be able to scale the design really big, such as a poster, you would use this file. You can actually scale the image as large as you want without losing quality using the vector image. You would need software that can open eps files if you want to use this file, however, many print shops should be able to open this file if you send it to them.

Can I call you on the phone to discuss my project?
Unfortunately, speaking on the phone is no longer a feasible option for me simply because it comes down to time. I work on about a dozen projects every day, plus message new and current clients all day long, and that all takes an enormous amount of time. I completely understand clients wanting to talk on the phone to better explain their ideas…in a perfect world I would love to talk with everyone, but I can no longer do it like I used to. From your perspective it’s one person trying to talk to one person, but from my side it’s like having 20 people trying to talk to me at any given moment.

I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’ve found that whether it’s over the phone, email, or text, it’s just my interpretation of what you’re describing until we both have something to look at (“a picture is worth a thousand words” as they say). If you say, “I want a zebra next to a mountain,” the image you have in your head will be different from the image I have in mine. So even if we did talk on the phone first, you’re still going to have to see if what I present matches what you had in mind. Having a common ground to start from is the best place, in my opinion, to complete your project quickly, and that starts with a few designs based on your details. We can then use those to steer things in the direction you want to go.

One more reason…because I work on so many different projects, I need to have everything written down to keep all of the many details straight between clients. This is crucial for efficiency and gives me the history of how each individual project evolved, and concrete details to refer to once I start on the project.

Are logos copyrighted or trademarked?
I get this question a lot, so I found a resource (attached below) that explains it well. I don’t do anything beyond the common law ownership, which is transferred to you after payment.
Read the full article here:

I’ve also attached a small snippet of the article for reference.
Copyright information