5 things you should NOT do when making your own logo

1) Using clipart and stock photos

Clipart and other stock images are used and reused countless of times, this can not only get you in trouble but it sure will make your logo unoriginal.

2) Too many fonts!
Fonts are not just for aesthetic purposes. They are used to give emphasis, dictate meaning, and convey your message. The fonts you use must be readable and easily understood.

3) Following trends and hypes
One very important characteristic of a logo is being timeless. Trends come and go, and your logo must not!

4) Being a copycat
Originality is a big deal when it comes to logos. You don’t want to be associated as the business who copies this other organization because it will be a hit on your integrity.

5) Having too much going on
As the famous acronym goes, KISS, keep it simple st*pid! In one look, your logo must give your clients what your business is all about. Don’t over complicate things, it shoos away potential customers!

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